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There are thousands of recipes to discover that our professional Thermomix ® recipe developers have created to work perfectly with your Thermomix ®. Explore our brilliant cookbooks.

Vorwerk International has developed four international cookbooks available in multiple languages: “Travelling with Thermomix ®, “Full Steam Ahead”, “The Best of Our Recipe Communities” and the best-selling “My Way of Cooking”.

We’ve also gone even further to offer a wide range of brilliant cookbooks, with many more books available in specific languages and countries.  To find more books, just choose your country here to see the full range available to you.

Serve up a world of flavour with Thermomix cookbooks! Carefully created by our recipe developers, they’re perfectly designed for preparation in your Thermomix.

With Thermomix you’ll never be short of ideas for delicious dishes – guaranteed! Use one of our Thermomix cookbooks to discover a tasty recipe for every mood and occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a full meal, some healthy baby food or something bold and adventurous, you’re always sure to find something suitable in one of the great range of Thermomix cookbooks.

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Thermomix Thailand recipe book
Thermomix thailand recipe chip