Pira ESP 80 Complet




A new and original line of tabletop barbecues is added to the Pira catalog.

The new barbecue robata shashlik, combine the best of the traditional Japanese grill with other styles of barbecue (skewers, shashlik, brochettes, espetos, etc…). These new barbecues are specially designed to work on a table or counter, in front of the customers, offering to the diners the show of the cooking on coal in direct.

The grease tray has been designed to hold the stainless steel skewers supplied, at a 45º slope over the embers, providing a perfect support to cook traditional fish skewers and all types of skewers.

The ROBATAS are equipped with a column with multiple positions to regulate the height of the grills, making easy the control of the fire.

The upper shelf allows the skewers to be kept warm or to temper the products before to be cooked.

The skewer support has a longitudinal bar that can be adjusted to use different measures of skewers, as the customer demand. Grooved grills and rod grills are also available for the new ROBATA.

As an accessory, have a support table equipped with wheels, shelves and door in stainless steel, which can also be used as a practical support tray.

Technical details
  • Column to support the grills
  • Upper shelf to keep warm skewers or dishes
  • 3 type of grills: rod, grooved and adjustable support for skewers
  • Inox grease collector with support for “espetos”
  • Refractory brick interior
  • Cast iron charcoal hopper
  • Ash tray
  • Iron adjustable foots
  • Poker
  • Tongs

Included Accessories

Other Accesories

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